Clyde Marty

CCHP Outreach and Cybersecurity

Clyde immigrated to the United States when he was 14. After graduating high school, he did not attend college because he did not think he was allowed to do so due to his immigration status or lack thereof. However, he began working at a local restaurant for 3 and a half years in order to support himself financially. He decided to go back to school at 22 after becoming aware of the resources available to him as well as organizations that support undocumented youth, including IEIYC. Starting off as a volunteer who randomly showed up to meetings here and there, his involvement with the IEIYC became more extrusive from spearheading the initial CCHP campaign, participating in the Undocumented Mentorship Academy (UMA), kickstarting the Coming Out of the Shadows series, and taking charge of online outreach efforts. As a first-generation undoc student, he is currently studying computer science at Mt. San Antonio College and taking classes at Norco College, he plans to transfer out to a 4-year university while continuing to work with the organization in the process.